Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simplicity Pattern 2401

I've finally gotten around to finishing it! Simplicity pattern 2401 is made, and I now have a nice summer dress!!

I've had quite a bit on lately, and haven;t been able to focus much on sewing, but my cousin's wedding is coming up soon, and I needed something to wear. I've never actually worn a dress I've made out in public before, I guess I'm still quite shy about it, but I have to start somewhere!

I really like the style of this dress, I'm not mad about the jumpsuit, I don't wear maxi style dresses anyway, they don't really suit me. So I chose the shorter version of the dress, and I bought a light summer blue cotton to make it in.This is the finished result.

I should probably admit to the trouble I had with this particular dress. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination. I made this dress before, a while ago and it just went wrong. The sizing was way too big, but since I wanted to have a dress, I decided to remake it, using two sizes smaller. I wouldn't normally remake something once I've done it, but I never got to really see what it was like. And I had the guts of the dress all done and it took me the longest time to fit the zip. I inserted and removed the zip several times. Then I had left it for a few weeks, zipless, in the hopes that the magic zip faeries would do it for me. They never came, so I had to bite the bullet. Then when the zip went in smoothly, I was all excited and got a bit carried away taking up the hem, with the result that it's a little shorter than I thought it would be.
I like the halter-neck style of the dress, and the A-line skirt. I wish the instructions had given an option of lining the skirt, because I chose quite a light material, and it's see-through in sunlight. I do have a little slip I can wear under it, but I'd prefer to just have it lined as nicely as the top.
I like the elastic detail at the back, and it feels nice on, there is no straining at all when I bend over, there's a lot of give, but this could also be because it's slightly (just a tad) too big still around the back and in the bust. Not hugely, and I think I can get away with it. At least that's what I hope. Now my plan is to make a little stretch-knit bolero-type top to go with it for the wedding, but I'll see if I manage to get around to it! I may be wishing for warm weather instead. I'm actually quite nervous about wearing anything I make in public!! One thing I can be sure of is that nobody will turn up in the same dress as me. (Unless of course they get the same pattern, and same material...!) :)

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  1. You did a great job Valerie! The style and length look fine. I have just cut out some muslin for a practice run. enlarged the pattern so I'll be curious to see if I needed to do it in the first place. Thanks for your review and pics.