Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Next Project...

Hmm. I'm not sure where this is going to post to, I'm a bit confused about all of this. I think I clicked a button I wasn't meant to.
Anyway, I suppose I'll find out once I've posted it.
So, I'm posting another project online, this time, New Look Pattern 6203.
An Asian style tunic, with the option of a skirt or trousers. I made style C tunic with little cap sleeves. I chose the longer style tunic because the shorter one would have just been way too short for me. And I didn't want long sleeves, or sleeveless, so I went with the cap sleeves. At least, I think that's what they're called?! :)

The material I found, in the Wollen Mills in Dublin, is just beautiful. A bright vibrant pink material with gold, blue and purple embroidery. I'm not sure what material it actually is, but it was difficult enough to sew with! Sometimes the hole from the needle distorted the fabric, I'm not sure if there was anything I could have done to prevent this?! It worked out ok-ish in the end though.

While I love the material, I'm not sure it hangs properly. Maybe this is just because I'm not used to wearing this style of tunic, or this fabric. I am pleased with how it turned out, but the neck is very high, which I'm not comfortable with, it could have done with being a bit looser, and the bust darts are totally in the wrong place!! I don't know how to change them, and I'm afraid to unpick them, as there were little holes left by the needle and would probably be very noticable if I unpicked them. So I left them. I chose the corresponding darts for the size I made, so I'm not sure why they are so completely off.

I enjoyed making it because it was a new material and a new style I'd never made before. But I wouldn't make it again. I would recommend it, somewhat hesitantly though. I'm not sure why, there was just something about it. I think the main thing is that I'm just not skilled enough to know how to change things, and alter it as I go along, so I frustrated myself a bit. Overall, it was nice to see it finished, I was pleased to get that far!

Not sure I'll wear it out though.


  1. I'm going to look up the page on bust darts for you in FFRP (I think you can Read Inside on Amazon) and send you the image, ok? they seem to be too high, right? IIRC, the book suggests drawing a box around the dart, cutting it out and placing it lower.

    I would suggest getting a friend's help in measuring yourself thoroughly. I can send you a list of measurements I got somewhere online. Have to dig it up. Standby (as would say my radio op brother, LOL!)

  2. A commercial pattern is made to only fit one body. The body that particular company uses to make it's patterns (called a sloper). Since most of us are not the exact same size as the sloper, we need to move things around, cut a little from here, add a little get the idea. That's the beauty of sewing for your self, you get a garment that's made to fit you and not made to fit the shape of 100 other bodies.

    Get a good fitting book, (I suggest getting what you can from the library to see what works for you). It takes patience and practice, but you'll get there!

  3. @Lakaribane, thank you, that would be fantastic! I'll send you an email after this so you have my address. :) Yes, the darts are too high, so I thin that means they're too small?
    @Tina, thanks for this, a few people have recommended a fitting book, so it's obviously the way forward for me! It'd be great to be able to make something fit just for me! :) That's really interesting about he sloper, I never really thought about that!

  4. Hi there. I agree, you chose the prettiest fabric!

    As for fitting, you may want to read up on making muslins. Yes, they're a royal PIA at first, but you'll end up with really beautiful finished items, and they get faster as you go. A dressmaking dummy is also helpful. If you can't afford one, check out the used listings or one of the sewing 'how-to' sites like Threadbangers. There are so many ways to do them with packing tape, plaster etc. Google is your friend. (smiles)

    There are some excellent fitting books, too. I have Sandra Betzina's books and a few others. If you poke around on PR you'll find various reviews I think. Youtube is another resource, but you get the good with the bad there, so it's NOT my fave. I can't say enough good things about the course "The Couture Dress" (or similiar title). Yeah, it's a really slow slog at first, but will pay off in spades later!

    Keep at it, Hon. Your taste is great, and that's something you CAN'T be taught. (beams)

  5. Oh, and darts being too high are just that - they're too high, but not necessarily too short. One other resource I'd love to recommend is McCall's Sloper pattern, # 2718. Many pattern houses make them, but this one was recommended to me, and now I have it I agree. When you're done you will have pattern pieces that fit you to a 'T' - and you can simply adjust your flat patterns to match it and "Viola", perfect fit. Worth every minute of your time, I promise.

  6. Hi, Unknown (If that is your real name!) :D
    I've often toyed with the idea of getting a dressmaking dummy, but they are so expensive. I've seen some tutorials for making your own, but I don't like the idea of having somebody wrap me up in duct tape as I stand by. It something I will probably have to get over though, because the more I sew, the more I feel the need for a dummy. The sloper pattern is something I must get to. It's a pattern in itself, so I can't get too impatient with new fabric I'm dying to work with! :) Thank you so much for your advice and comments, they are needed, and appreciated! :) Now that I'm thinking about it, I need to find that sloper pattern before I start another project... :)